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Elite Banquet Hall has a professional event planning team available to assist you with organizing your big day.

We offer event-planning services for social events such as weddings, anniversaries, pre-wedding ceremonies and cultural events, along with services for corporate events such as seminars, fundraisers and product launches.

Our staff consists of experienced and qualified event planners. Whether you would like a traditional or contemporary design, we can transform the banquet hall to your taste and liking.

The foundation of the hall is already magnificent; any additional decor is surely to mesmerize your guests. The entire building offers a modern fresh atmosphere with special attention to detail.

From the major essentials, such as a floor plan design and backdrop, to smaller details such as centerpieces, linens and dessert tables, we will work closely with you to choose a style you love. Our staff is committed to turning your vision into a reality.

Our renowned chefs can prepare and serve the dishes of your choice. We offer international cultural cuisine including Indian, Canadian, Italian, Asian and much more. Food will be served fresh out of the kitchen at each event.

Additionally, our management team can assist you in choosing the right bar setting for you and your guests. Bar options include cash bars, consumption bars and customized bars. We also have a team of qualified and professional bartenders.

Other services include professional DJs, bakers and florists. Elite Banquet Hall is a one-stop shop for your entire event planning needs. Contact our team today.